Period. - your menstrual diary

the world’s simplest free ovulation, fertility and period diary with powerful prediction algorithms and fertility calculations


Perfect Features

Because you deserve simplicity & privacy

No account needed

Just track your menstrual cycle, easy as that.


Your data is safe

Your private data NEVER leaves your phone.


Learn by tracking

Learn about your cycle with all the comon questions and answers.



See your cycle in a beautiful calendar and scroll to see your past and future menstrual cycles. Pink circles represent a known period and purple circles show your fertility period intensity - stronger color means more fertile.

Log with predictions & notifications

Your log shows all your periods in one place. Notifications enable you to keep reminders before your next period starts, before your fertile period and a notification if your period is late.


Learn about your cycle

Tracking your cycle will provide you with better awareness about your cycle length, period bleeding length and fertile days. In addition to that, there is a Learning section to learn what-is-what when talking about menstrual cycles.

What people are saying

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Why do period apps always need my email and are needlessly complicated? Period. is simple. discreet and my data never leaves my phone!

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How to download the app?

Period. menstrual cycle tracker & diary is available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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